Yalonda Nicole

WOW!!!!! Where do I even begin?!?!?!?! My name is Yalonda…Yalonda Nicole!!! For so long I hated my name, but once I grew up and started to truly come into myself, I’ve realized that I truly love my name!!! LOL!!! Random, I know, BUT that’s ME!!!

Anyhoo, I have a strong passion to see people GROW and EMBRACE their TRUE SELF!!! It hasn’t always been that way for me, but I love to see people develop from that caterpillar stage to a beautiful and unique butterfly!!! I’ve worked with YOUTH the entirety of my life for the most part and through the journey of mentoring and learning from them I have come to understand myself even more.

I suffered and dealt with depression a great deal of my life and over the course of the past few years, I’ve truly allowed God to deliver and strengthen me to overcome the different obstacles (Many of which you will read through these future readings) that have hindered me from truly LIVING and LOVING LIFE!!!

For so long I hid behind the girl that was soooo ready to burst forth, but never really knowing how or even having the confidence to do so! FEAR was a strong barrier in my life that held me up for so long!!! I always felt nobody wanted to hear what I had to say or wanted to know what I felt. Who was I, but an ordinary bookworm who fell back at the thought of letting GOD use her!!

Writing has always been my passion! Writing has always been a way for me to hide behind everything that has transpired in my life!! I thought that as long as I was writing it down and enclosing it in a journal or putting words on a blank page that I was releasing all the hurt and pain that others would never be able to see or know!!! Boy, was I wrong!!! SMH!!! The journey of SELF-DISCOVERY helped me to realize that MY WORDS, MY LIFE, MY SPIRIT all mattered to GOD and he wanted others to see the LIGHT that HE placed on the inside of ME!!! I came to an understanding with GOD that HE didn’t want me to hide behind that SCARED and SCARRED GIRL. He wanted others to see how the girl (BOLD, VICTORIOUS, POWERFUL, FAITH-FILLED, HEALED and WHOLE) underneath the surface was truly all of those things by allowing HIM to remove the outer surface of everything that wasn’t allowing HER to come to LIGHT!!!

Although writing freed me for the moment as I wrote for my own personal release, I always knew that God wanted me to do so much more with words that HE has always given me!!! My first encounter of allowing the words to flow from my pages to others was when I was asked to give parts of my spoken word at a few church events. As scary as that seemed, I realized that God was using me for a GREATER PURPOSE which was to allow my words to help free others! ****I will share some of my writings of poetry/spoken word with you all as time progresses!!!****

There is so much more I can and WILL share with you all about myself, but for now just know that my heart is full of EXCITEMENT, JOY, NERVOUSNESS and probably every emotion possible as this journey takes off!!! I want you all to JOURNEY with me and in the process we can learn and grow with each other!!!! “Rediscovering YOU” is the main theme so we all can begin to discover all that God has called and equipped us to be!!! It’s a GREAT feeling when God is purging things out of us; It’s also a scary feeling because we don’t quite know the depths and extent of what HE is going to PULL UP OUT OF USSSSSS!!! LOL!!!

God has UNVEILED some things in me and I just want to share with all those who will allow me the opportunity to!!!

“I am GLAD to BOAST about my WEAKNESS, so that the POWER of CHRIST can work THROUGH ME!”
2 Cor. 12:9

Peace and Blessings!!!!


  1. Looking forward to following you on this awesome journey. I always knew from the first moment your spoke at church that this was your gift to speak to other young people to let them know that God is truly a wonder and is always there in your darkest hour when you can’t see him.😘😘

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  2. I remember our first conversation about God and Church at Walmart. I am so proud of you and I am happy that I get to see the growth, and the purge, and to see you help and teaching others along the way. God has so much for all of us to do and to follow you and read your stories will only open up more doors for every reader to continue to push closer to him. God I thank you for allowing her to be able to take of the veil that she was hiding behind. I thank you for giving her the courage to inspire others to do the same. I love you cousin.

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    1. Thank you so much Cuzz!!!! This has been a journey for sure! Walmart days…wow!! That’s been over 10 years ago so we both know how God has made major changes in me since then!!! Glad to have you on this journey with me as well! Thank Youuuuuuu!!!


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