In The Middle…

In The Middle…Smack Dab In The Middle!!

You ever wanted something sooooo bad that you could see it, feel it, taste it and all! It’s as if the finish line is right there! You can grab hold of it all and YET, you’re still a length away! You’re not where you used to be, but you’re not where you want to be either! 😩🤦🏾‍♀️

You look for ways to get you to where you need to be and it’s always something blocking you from going the full distance! You ever get discouraged in that moment when you have to transition from one point to another?

I remember running track and having to run that good ole 400 meter dash! Man that race was something serious! I remember my coach teaching me how to run it and me looking at him like he had lost his rabbit mind!!! When I started running that race the way he taught me allowed things to became a lot easier! I felt okay being in the middle. It gave me a chance to actually stride and seek out my plan of attack. You see the back stretch is where a lot goes down! Where some will exert all their energy, I was taught to stride and let them pass me! You’re prolly like you crazy and out your mind too 😂😂😂

But nope! In fact that was the winning strategy for ME every time! To stride it out and then once at that 200 mark get ready to go for the kill! If I followed the plan and did as my coach said then at whatever point one of the girls passed me then I would end up passing her in the same spot in the final stretch! Attacking that curve was always life for me! I was able to feel the last 200 and I had energy enough to do what was expected of me! I was wore out at the end, but what race isn’t going to wear you out??

I followed the plan! I followed my coaches directives! Each time I got better! It was a thrill! It was exciting! It was tiresome! But you know what??? No matter what place I came in, coach always dapped me up because my stubborn self listened and did as was told! WHEW! Lord remove that stubbornness from me cause it still hasn’t gotten any better 😭😬🙄

This journey with God is the same! Follow His Plans and directives then things will eventually make sense! Some things may not make sense to others, but it’s the race that God has called you too! The race that has been destined for you to win from the very beginning! Are you gonna listen to the TOP DAWG HIMSELF…JESUS… or are you going to allow the views, opinions and ways of the enemy and the world dictate where you should go and how you should get there!

We focus so much on the beginning and the end that we forget that there is a process in the MIDDLE that we must get through! I told my Sis one time like AFTER THIS…I was set on seeing the AFTER, once I endured what I was going through, and totally forgot that DURING THIS…IN THE MIDDLE… God still was worthy of His Praise! She made sure I knew that even DURING THIS, God will be glorified! I will praise God during this! that He was still faithful enough for me to Praise Him even through it all! I’ve missed so many embracing moments because I failed to see what God was doing in the NOW! The NOW of being in the middle! The Middle of my Victory! Because Yes, VICTORY is Mine! What am I doing when I’m smack dab in the middle of a storm! Smack dab in the Middle of a season that I simply do not understand!

The middle is where so much flows from within us! The Middle literally shows us what we have on the inside of us! It shows where our faith is and what our faith is not! The Middle is where we set ourselves apart and consecrate! The middle is where the posture of our hearts is revealed! Anybody can smile and worship at the beginning! It’s smooth sailing, we’re all at the same space and spot! The finish line is sweet victory! We made it out and are at the end!

That MIDDLE though! Oh that MIDDLE will prove to you, just what’s on the inside of you! It will test just how much you really want God to purge you and mold you! That Middle will shake you up something good! People talk about the middle child a lot and I see it all over social media: “Whew that middle child of mine, ain’t to be played with! That middle child of mine, tests all my boundaries!” Like the Middle gone give you a run for your money! That middle gone make you work! Whew Chile!

The great thing about being in the middle, for me, is that I get to seek God like never before! I started the race and when I get winded, I can look to God for that second wind so when I’m at the finish line, I can fully say I gave it my all! When you’re done and finished you can’t go back and ask God how to navigate! You can’t go back and fix things and get back on course! But you have an edge to be able to navigate and seek God for direction and strategy while in the middle!

Whatever the race that is before you, take time while in the middle of it and worship God like never before! Give Him your best praise! Honor Him with every ounce of stamina you have left!

While in the middle of this season and this journey, I pray that the thirst, hunger and zeal I had for God, before, that it intensifies! It’s nothing like being right in the middle of Gods grasp and feeding on His righteousness!



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