Chapter THIRTY-SEVEN!!!!

✨💕🌸CHAPTER 37!!!!🌸💕✨


Today begins a NEW JOURNEY for me! A JOURNEY of TOTAL HEALING and RESTORATION!!! What God started TEN years ago in ME has been COMPLETED!!! He finished that work and has begun a NEW ONE!!!

✨🌸💜I walked into 37 FREE!!!💜🌸✨

You see, when you’ve allowed everything and everybody to choose your life’s course, decisions and life’s choices, you become what THEY desire and not what YOU desire!!! For so long I’ve BATTLED with MYSELF and WHY I am the WAY I AM, instead of letting GOD mold me into His PERFECT IMAGE of MYSELF!!!

Standing TALL at 37, I DECLARE FREEDOM over MY LIFE!!! 💪🏾💜

I’ve walked into CHAPTER 37 FREE!!!

Free from the chains that have left me bound!!

Free from the oppression and manipulation from those who aspired to intentionally or unintentionally keep me down!

Free from the pain that kept me closed off and in a box!

Free from loving others more than I’ve loved myself!

Free from seeking to please others and tear myself down!


You see I’ve forgiven and I’ve NEEDED to be FORGIVEN!

Free from the painful thrust of trying to be PERFECT and to just allow myself to BE!!!

Free from the war within that has kept me in a BOX, isolated from the BEAUTY that has been placed WITHIN me to go DEEPER!

Free from the INTERNAL pain that I INFLICTED upon MYSELF!

Free from SCREAMING on the INSIDE and expecting others to know and understand the DEPTHS of my CORE!

Free from trying to get others to LOVE me when I didn’t even love myself! ✨SELAH✨

Today I walk into a NEW JOURNEY within myself!!

I walk with my head high and ready to take hold of all that God has awaiting me!

✨🌸Chapter 37🌸✨

I shared something with my beautiful big sis last night and it just blew me away!

THIRTY SEVEN ~*3+7=10~*

I been screaming being single for TEN years (as evident in previous blog) and I’m now I’m at the age of 37. Combined the two numbers equal TEN!!! Not a coincidence! Just God sense!!!!


When one thing ENDS something NEW has to come into MANIFESTATION!

💚THREE AND SEVEN💚 Divine wholeness, Completion, Perfection and God’s Creation

What God is CREATING for me NEXT is not to be taken lightly!!

Walking into MARCH 8, 2020 My scripture reference is going to SHINE off of Isaiah 43:18,19!

Since He has COMPLETED the work in me for the PAST SEASON, HE’S beginning something BIGGER and GREATER in and through me than He has ever before.

Reaping all of the EPHESIANS 3:20 Blessing!!!💃🏽💕

I’ve FOCUSED so much on the dread of MY LIFE that so many times I’ve MISSED God in the WORKING.

It’s been hard for a lot of things to be MANIFESTED into my LIFE because I…I need to make that known that I, YALONDA NICOLE… WASN’T READY.

God hadn’t completed certain things in me because I wasn’t a WILLING VESSEL! He had nowhere to MOVE! Now that certain things have been FINISHED, COMPLETED and DRIFTED AWAY, I can start CHAPTER 37!! Not just start it, but START it with a whole different PERSPECTIVE and VIEW on life.

Things I’ve DESIRED and PRAYED for will begin to MANIFEST and I won’t have to look back on what WAS and what SHOULD have been.

I’m gonna embrace this MOMENT and this SEASON, as my Spiritual Sis always tells me, and let GOD be GOD and just allow MYSELF to BASK in the GLORY of GOD’S doing!!

I’VE NEVER BEEN HERE BEFORE SO I TRULY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO ACT!!! I’m cutting up on the inside for sure!!

I’M SO EXCITED! SUPER ECSTATIC. I’ve been in a moment where I’m like Yay God with no real enthusiasm nor expectations of Him coming THROUGH, BUTTTTT NOW… I’M EXPECTING: I’m like YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS JESUS! You better do thattttt😂😂😂😂💪🏾💪🏾💜💜💜💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

I will continue to speak on the word that God gave me for 2020, which is PURSUE and I’m going after and getting EVERYTHING that HE said that I can have and ALL that He has said IS MINE!!!!


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