Prayer to Reset!!!

Lord THANK YOU‼️‼️ There aren’t enough words to express my Gratitude to YOU in THIS DAY‼️ It’s been some rough few months, BUT You NEVER left my side‼️‼️ I threw in the towel a long time ago, 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ but YOU WERE THERE‼️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Holding me and pulling me each step of the way‼️ You put people in my life to pray for me and hold me up when I couldn’t and wouldn’t hold myself up‼️ You have increased my Faith and Shown me the PROCESS involved in GROWTH‼️‼️

Ohhhh SIR, I’ve been through much in life and I’ve strayed away countless times, but this HERE stop on the JOURNEY made me QUESTION everything‼️ Lol‼️ Like Jesus, God can’t be serious can HE⁉️😂🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ But Lord, through everything, YOU continue to show ME that YOU ARE FAITHFUL‼️

People I’ve leaned on before, aren’t the people you’ve needed me to lean on NOW‼️ I had to realize that and see it for MYSELF‼️You’ve placed me in a position to SEE and DO MORE and that’s what I’m aiming for‼️

Lord Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for EVERYTHING You Are and for Everything that YOU Do‼️You LOVE me when I’m not feeling it OR acting loveable‼️You hold me in the Palm of YOUR hand until my anxiety, nerves and panic attacks settle‼️ Lord, You’re MY EVERYTHING‼️ Without You, I am NOTHING, just dust‼️

Increase my Capacity for More of You‼️‼️Slow me down when it seems I’m getting ahead of myself and wanting what you don’t want for me at the present moment‼️

Made by my granny when I was in High School!! I didn’t have an understanding of being engraved in the Palm of God’s Hands until MUCH later in Life!!!

Lord Please continue to Guide me and strengthen me along this PATH‼️LORD THIS IS YOUR YEAR and LIFE‼️‼️ I hand it over from my hands along with my ways/plans and launch it like a rocket right back to You‼️ Do what You Do Lord‼️ The enemy has ALREADY been defeated so I’m sitting at the RIGHT HAND OF THE FATHER in VICTORY‼️ 😊 In Jesus Name‼️ AMENNNNNN‼️‼️

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