2019…It’s been REAL Shawty! 2020 Let’s ROCK this!!!

2019 has truly been one for the books!!! I entered 2019 with the mindset and purpose of letting God make me WHOLE!!!! I must say the PROCESS has been truly amazing, yet EXCRUCIATING!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS…I said EXCRUCIATING!!! LOL!!!

The beginning of the year I was cruising through! Everything was aligning! I was operating at my maximum potential. There was nothing that could stop me! I was on Cloud 9. I loved everything that was strengthening me to be at my BEST capacity. I didn’t allow people to break me, stress me or get me off my rocker!!!! After two months of being at TOTAL PEACE and having a NATURAL GLOW, everything that God needed to PURGE out of me during that season began to come OUT!!! WHEW…Talk about a scream from HELL that vibrated my whole being!!!! I was ready to call it quits! I wasn’t ready for what God had started to do!! I wanted out of that turmoil!

From the end of March until pretty much now, everything that could have broke me, TRIED TO!!! I’m still standing and alive so the enemy didn’t stand a chance because of the POWER of GOD that wrecked my SPIRIT and SOUL!!!

I could go on and on about everything that I despised about 2019, but what will that solve. The only true thing that matters is that God woke me up this morning! January 1, 2020, is the start of something even GREATER. I am EXCITED and IN GREAT EXPECTANCY of what God is going to do in my life. I have been drenched in some DYNAMIC WORD and been listening and watching pastors and ministers from around the globe so I am going to begin to put it all in great use and PUSH like I have never before!!!

The most prominent point of 2019, which I have to share is when the HOLY SPIRIT wrecked my entire being in the comfort of my OWN HOME!!! I wasn’t in an active church at all 2019. Between work and dealing with different health issues I just didn’t force myself up to go!!! I was over church for some part. I wasn’t tired of the WORD or being active in ministry. I absolutely loved and missed serving. 2019, was different for me. I didn’t feel the need to work, work, work. I had a strong desire to just tap into God and HIS WORD and get to know HIM on a NEW LEVEL!!!

In August 2019, I was able to EXPERIENCE God on a different level! In the midst of cooking I was listening to a sermon by Kimberly Jones Pothier. I was dealing with a lot during this time so I was saturating myself in the Word. I was cooking dinner and she did an altar call on one of her sermons. I instantly just felt a strong pressure over me and I answered that altar call in my kitchen. I turned the stove off and instantly went into PRAISE!!! As I went into praise and crying out to God, I sensed the HOLY SPIRIT strong over me. I broke out in a serious FIT!! LOL!! I started shouting and praying (praying in tongues and all) I ended on my knees crying to God. I went to my room and started praying in there. This happened for a good minute. I started to throw up; everything that I felt holding me back was released that moment. I felt release. I felt the WHOLENESS that God had been trying to do through me had officially begun.

2019 wasn’t a bust! It set the stage for what God is about to do!!! I came to the realization that in order for God to manifest certain things in my life that I had to be whole. I had to spend a year in Charlotte for me to be able to see MYSELF in God’s eyes and not everyone else’s eyes. I am a much better person because of it!!!


FINISH STRONG‼️‼️‼️💪🏾 No matter what comes against you or who stands in your way of accomplishing the task God has given you, YOU MUST FINISH IT WITH ALL YOU GOT!

People may walk away, finances may get short, tears may be more than you desire, the love and lover that you thought was gonna be forever may not be in your best interest, but when you put forth the necessary effort God will finish… through YOU… what He started! There’s a reason for EVERYTHING! Even when we don’t understand or know the depths of what’s going on around us we must give our all to the Glory of God!

If we quit in the middle of a mission then everything that is attached to us will be aborted as well! Those who follow us or watch us will be at risk because we failed to follow through!

Now is not the time to give up, cave in or allow depression to overtake us! We can MENTALLY AND SPIRITUALLY charge through with the power of God or we can succumb to the worlds standards of living!

What we do today to accomplish the task before us matters greatly. God has given us all the provision we need to finish strong! Will we receive it???

PURSUE is my word for 2020 and I pray and declare that I will go after everything God has for me! NO longer will I allow the issues and matters of others dictate how I finish or don’t finish. This is MY LIFE and I must pursue everything that encompasses my life with the fulfillment God has placed within me.



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