Forgive Yourself; God Already Has!!!

The issue isn’t whether or not God has forgiven us of wrong doing nor is it whether God LOVES us‼️‼️ The issue is the LOVE we have for ourselves and us being able to FORGIVE ourselves! God said HE BLOTS OUT OUR TRANSGRESSIONS AND FORGIVES OUR INIQUITIES THEN REMEMBERS THEM NO MORE‼️‼️

✨Hebrews 8:12 and Isaiah 43: 25✨

“Why do we carry this heavy burden of UNFORGIVENESS OF OURSELVES, if God has already forgiven us?”


God knows our heart, what we’re capable of, where we will fall short and how we will get back up after a fall!!!

Just because you’ve stumbled, made mistakes, and fell short of what God has called and anointed you to do, doesn’t mean He’s throwing you out and saying forget the Work He has already started in you‼️

Why must we carry a burden when God says to cast our burdens unto HIM?

I Peter 5:7

Even Jonah, who tried to RUN from what GOD had called him to do, wasn’t tossed out of the WILL of GOD! GOD BROUGHT HIM BACK to HIM to set him on the JOURNEY He had DESTINED for him.

You may end up in some TUMULTUOUS SITUATIONS when you run from the GRACE of GOD, but once you SURRENDER, you’ll be POSITIONED where God has called you.

It’s time to get out of the “Whoa, It’s Me” mentality “Eeyore” and walk in the manner in which Jesus died on the Cross for us!! We focus so much time on being BROKEN and SICK that we FAIL to LIVE out the WHOLE and HEALTHY life God has called us too!

“Do we fail to FORGIVE OURSELVES because the ATTENTION we receive from being broken is a lot more comfortable? “ Selah…

So many times a great deal of us loved being miserable and in a broken place because the attention we received from it brings others to co-sign on our mess. It continues to leave us stuck and broken! I often wonder if this is something that’s very intentional or if some people just can’t help it! One way to help would be to seek THERAPY!

Mental Health awareness is a strong epidemic right now! All over the world people are realizing just how important mental health is, especially more so now, for the African American/Black community!

There should never be a reason for us to remain broken and shattered when the resources are readily available for us. Great resources at that.

To fully get to a point where we forgive ourselves we may need to seek counseling to help us along the way! This journey of life that we are on isn’t meant to be lived alone. God has given us the opportunity to link with STRONG, HEALTHY and FAITH ABOUNDING people. He has given us the opportunity to receive from people who have gone through some rough times, but they have allowed God to pour into them so they can begin to FORGIVE THEMSELVES, ACCEPT GOD’S FORGIVENESS and live a HEALTHY/WHOLE life!!

FORGIVING SELF involves getting your SPIRIT in proper ALIGNMENT with CHRIST! We have to tune into the HOLY SPIRIT and allow HIM to TRANSFORM us and RESTORE us to where HE desires! If your Spirit and Mind is not in full companionship to get you back in spiritual shape then it’s going to be impossible to fully forgive self and become completely WHOLE!


  1. I love it. I can relate to this. I’m this person learning to forgive myself. By the grace of God I have taken steps to learn how to to forgive and love me again.

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