I Am the ANSWER!

A week ago I decided it was time to go on a personal cleanse and detox for my inner self! It was really shutting down social media and ridding myself of any and everything that brings toxicity into my life!

I’m in the middle of a TRANSITION and truly need to hear clearly from God! I ended up purchasing a book titled “The Hannah Anointing,” by Michelle McClain Walters! I have many more of her books, but I have a strong love for Hannah and she is my Inspirational Biblical Twin 💓🙏🏽 She’s graced with resilience, prayer and endurance during a time when many would give up and stop trusting God! She continued on despite what was going on within her! She knew what she wanted and she wasn’t going to stop until God blessed her with it! 1 Samuel 1: 9-20 Hannah appeared faithful to God despite not understanding why she had to endure what she was going through!

You ever wonder why you have to go through what you go through or why you had to go through what you went through? I know I have! It’s no secret or surprise that every believer in Christ has been tested and tried until they are just completely over ittttttt!!!! 😩😳🤷🏾‍♀️ But unlike Hannah, how many of us have just said forget it and turned our backs on God! Some of us stopped praying, backslid, played tick for tac thinking that if…well if God didn’t give me this or do that then I’m gone do whatever I want! Guess whatttttt 🤔 That’s not hurting anyone but ourselves! It takes us further away from our purpose and destiny! Everything I have ever been through in my life from childhood until now has had a purpose and God has definitely been allowing me to use it for HIS BENEFIT to help bring others to CHRIST!!! GEN. 50:20

Through my personal time with God last week and this week the things that God sparked in my spirit was simply an understanding that I AM THE ANSWER and that I AM MADE FOR MORE!!! I wasn’t meant to be stuck in one position and not grow! He meant this in a SPIRITUAL and NATURAL stance! With this overall understanding I know that I have to really CRANK IT UP a lot and get back in MY ZONE and really get back on FIRE FOR GOD the way I was from the very beginning!

When DISTRACTIONS and LIFE get in the way…or when you allow YOURSELF to get in the way you miss every opportunity of AWAKENING and BLESSING that God has PREPARED specifically for you. I know I have! No longer will I continue to allow myself to PURPOSELY MISS OUT on what GOD has ready to MANIFEST for me.

I just wanted to share a prayer from my journal

Lord like many of the GREAT WOMEN of the BIBLE, please help me to give birth to people and/or a movement that will shake the world. Allow the IMPACT and DESTINY that you’ve placed over my life help to DOMINATE for KINGDOM BUSINESS. Let all that I do and all that I am help to edify the Kingdom and being LOST SOULS to YOU! Cleanse me of all UNRIGHTEOUSNESS so I can have the FRESH FRAGRANCE of YOUR GLORY saturating on me! Let YOUR LIGHT, YOUR GLORY, YOUR GRACE, FAVOR and MERCY flow freely to and through me. Let YOUR PRESENCE Radiate within me that lets off a sparkling Glow that allows others to know that YOU have SHIELDED my LIFE! Allow my eyes to see what You see. Let Your PERSPECTIVE beam brightly for me. Let Your HANDS take over and become mine. Everything I touch shall PROSPER in YOUR NAME! As I walk allow every step to walk directly behind You! As you step, I step! 🙌🏾 👣 💓 Flowing Gracefully together! Thank You Lord for STABLING my MIND! As the enemy comes to try to convince me that I’m not worthy or I’m not capable; it’s YOUR VOICE, YOUR WHISPER, YOUR SOUND that speaks to me:

I am WORTHY‼️ I am ANOINTED‼️ I am CHOSEN‼️ I am SOMEBODY‼️ I am PURPOSED as such a time as this‼️ I am the HEAD and not the tail, ABOVE ONLY and NOT BENEATH‼️ I AM THE ANSWER the world seeks to bring light to the darkest areas of the nation, communities, cities, neighborhoods‼️ Lord continue to DELIVER ME into the WOMAN You’ve called me to BE‼️ I continue to DECREASE so that YOU can INCREASE in me! Thank you for being the POTTER because I know that YOU WILL COMPLETE the WORK that YOU STARTED IN ME!!!! I AM THE WORK OF YOUR HANDS! I AM YOUR MASTERPIECE!!! In JESUS NAME!!! Amen!!!! 💓💪🏾💯

Just because you may have had some bumps in the road and the enemy tries to convince you that you’ll never be able to do this or that, remind him of WHO YOU ARE and WHO’S YOU ARE!!! You are the one that God Called, Created, and had a Purpose in MIND before YOU were even conceived in your mother’s womb. YOU’RE the ANSWER when God asks WHO can I count on to fulfill the VISION I have for MY KINGDOM!!! Don’t forget you are never alone and God is always with you!!!


Yalonda Nicole 😘😉🥰

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