💞The Cost of Not Dreaming!!! 💞

As younger children, there’s this image, passion and/or DREAM imbedded in our hearts and minds of what life should consist of. Most young girls picture their marriage, Cinderella fairytale-happy ending. Young boys often dream of a career in sports. Children can dream about so much. The faith and passion that some have when they are younger is MATCHLESS!!!

But what happens when that child doesn’t dream? What happens when that child is forced to stop dreaming?

For myself, I wasn’t dreamer! I never had a strong desire for the fairy-tale, prince charming, riding on a white horse dream. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I also never really dreamed for more! I didn’t see a purpose! The life I was given is all I felt I could ever have!

Why? I don’t know! Maybe it was because I never saw the reality of the white picket fence, perfect family man that loves a woman type of image, that was portrayed on TV. Only thing that was embedded around me was ABUSE and SETTLING! So, I often wondered what was the purpose behind dreaming when I never saw anyone around me with anything that was worth dreaming about? I wasn’t expected to dream! I wasn’t inspired or even encouraged to dream! To me, dreaming wasn’t real and my LIFE, in the present moment, now that was REAL! Hurt, pain and lack of worth, that was real to me. It’s all I knew and all that I saw.

As a result of me not dreaming, I watched myself settle for any and everything that came my way. Honestly put, SETTLING, is one cost of not dreaming. Settling is accepting less than you are worth and what God has called for you to have due to fear, doubt and unbelief.

You settle when you feel you are not worthy of more. Settling stops you from having standards and wanting more for your life. It blocks you from seeing beyond the present and dreaming for more. Settling stops you from having an expectation of GREATER for your LIFE.

I settled a lot growing up! As I got older, I didn’t know what I really wanted for my life. I never prayed for the things that I really wanted because I didn’t think that I would or could receive the things that I really desired. I never thought that I was worthy of having anything beyond my wildest dreams. I never thought that I was special enough to grab hold of the things that I use to write about in my journals.

I settled in my relationships. Mannnn, did I settle in my relationships or as they say now, situation-ships!!!! I ended up giving parts of myself to men who knew they didn’t or wouldn’t have my best interest at heart or who said everything that I wanted to hear, without the actions backing anything up. I formed SEXUAL SOUL TIES with men that I am just now starting to see broken off of me! IF YOU THINK SOUL TIES ARE NOT REAL THEN YOU ARE SADLY MISTAKENNNNN!!!!! I put myself last, I skipped bible study sessions and corporate prayer over the years. I missed pertinent opportunities to spend with family because I settled for the temporary fix! Instead of filling the voids because I failed to dream, with those things that God had right in front of my face, I went for the temporal fix that I thought could help my inner self.

Within my family, I took on issues that weren’t mine because I felt an obligation to some of my family. I felt I didn’t deserve the real and genuine love and respect from some of my family. I accepted whatever and believed whatever they said about me. I was told I was gonna be gay, never amount to nothing and end up just like others who they felt weren’t WORTH nothing. I received and believed this stance on my life because I never dreamed beyond more.

I lost my voice and I lost sight of who I was because the expectations of who I was and who I needed to be was charged based on other’s acceptance and lack thereof of me. I allowed abuse in various forms run rampant in my life and didn’t even care. I simply accepted what I accepted and that was that.

Before 2005, I would work at jobs for less than a week because I refused to push for more in my life. I was lazy and unmotivated. I allowed my credit to get OUT OF CONTROL!!! JESUSSSSS! I allowed my health to deteriorate. I didn’t care.

At 35, I just started dreaming in the past few years. Dreaming for me now is aligned with God and expecting HIS BEST!!!! 🙇🏾‍♀️🙌🏾💞 I take my desires to God now. YESSS LORD!!!!

The COST of NOT DREAMING, cost me decades of my life! Now I am able to dream, have desires and seek God. Knowing that He’s WORTHY, helps me to realize that in HIS EYES I’m WORTH IT!!!!


Submit your dreams to God and allow Him to manifest them more in your LIFE!!! If you’ve never really dreamed of anything greater for your life before, NOW is a great time to start. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but as YOU and GOD (POWER TEAM) 😉 align TOGETHER, then AMAZING things will and can happen!!!

As you begin to dream and vocalize (SPEAK THOSE THINGS THAT BE NOT AS THOUGH THEY WERE… ROMANS. 4:17) your desires to God, how about writing them down, doing vision boards/collages, and most importantly praying over them.

God said that HE WILL give YOU the DESIRES of your heart as you TRUST HIM!!!! (Psalm 37:4)




  1. This was Awesome as it rings true for so many even if they never voice it!!!! Finding your Voice and not being afraid of the sound it makes empowers us beyond measure. Can’t wait for your next post!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you soooo much!!!! You never really see the effects that not dreaming has on your life, until you’re scrambling around trying to understand and grasp hold of your life! I know that’s what it was for me! 💓


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