What’s Up Ya’ll!!!!


Thanks for stopping by! I’m overwhelmed with JOY that I’ve gotten the opportunity to speak life, not just into myself, but into those who have decided to stop by. We are on this journey together of self-discovery and rediscovering our “TRUE IDENTITY!!!” Join me as I share life experiences, lessons, and practical advice that I’ve learned over the years!! I am far from perfect, but with us taking this journey together we are much GREATER!!! Grab your sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, aunts and grandparents and let’s all dive deeper in getting to KNOW the real depths of who Christ has called us to be!!!

You readyyyyy??? Then let’s get it!!!!

*Yalonda Nicole*


  1. Hey Nicki

    Amazing growth, I love your tenacity, and never give up spirit. Even when thing’s are tough. Starting over is not easy, but you have a great support system, remain strong. You are an inspiration.

    Auntie Monica

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